4 Things to Remember When Dealing with Anxiety and How Crystals Can Help

4 Things to Remember When Dealing with Anxiety and How Crystals Can Help

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“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” -C.H. Spurgeon
Life-changing words once this realization sets in!

Many people, yet wish they felt better, and have tried all the tools they know of. But anxiety is still running their lives.   

Anxiety is a normal human emotion and everyone feels anxious at some point. It's our body's response to perceived threats, whether real or imagined. Anxiety can be an appropriate response to stress, change and other difficult situations in life.
Anxiety can be triggered by many different things including:
  • Participating in new activities that you haven't done before
  • Loss of someone close to you (death)
  • A traumatic event such as being attacked, mugged or assaulted

First, know that there are always more tools that can help with anxiety.

You have NOT exhausted them all, no matter what you have tried. We are able to create new tools for ourselves every day, so don’t despair!

Second, look to those who have felt the same way, and feel better now, and model your mentors.

There is no shame in learning from others. We all have our strengths, and most of our strengths are found AFTER getting through a struggle! You are going to be an anxiety-crushing gift to this world and the people who need it, including yourself.

Third, don’t be afraid to sit with the scary. 

Anxiety, though it can feel like it will, will not kill or harm you! It’s not actually a danger! It’s simply one of the ways humans build tools and learn how to get through what’s uncomfortable. We accept, and it shifts.

Fourth, remember that humans are fickle, we change our minds and our vibrations often.

This is part of how we heal and learn so well. It’s actually a tool, but there are stable frequencies on this planet that we can “borrow” from, and use as guides! 
One example of these stable frequencies is crystals.

Amethyst crystal

Crystals have been found to be (this is science my friends) the most stable vibrations and structures on the planet. That is why ancient cultures have been using them for centuries! The properties and energies of crystals are believed to enhance the natural healing process in the body. Many people believe that holding onto a crystal can help them feel calmer, more relaxed, healthier or happier.
Crystals can be a useful tool in reducing anxiety. They can be used for meditation, breathwork and grounding, protection, healing and calming.
Here is how you can use crystals to help with your anxiety:
  • Hold the crystals you have chosen for meditation for 5-10 minutes before you begin your meditation practice. This will allow them to absorb some energy from your body so that they are charged when placed on the body during breathing exercises or during a grounding ritual. If you have easy access to an area where there are no people around, it's recommended that you leave them there overnight. That way they can absorb as much of their own energy as possible before use.
  • Use stones such as rose quartz or amethyst. They have been known historically as "stone healers". These stones emit calming vibrations when placed near someone who is experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety due to illness or other circumstances.
This is why I use crystals for Breathbeads! I work to provide people with the perfect gemstone creations to help them modify their vibes!
Crystal mala
Breathbeads are a breathwork tool that guides you through a succession of breaths.  This practice helps to assist you in connecting body and brain.  The crystal beads give you the tactile benefit of touch as you breathe to make a beautiful breathwork practice.
I created Breathbeads to rewire my body and brain post-stroke and TBI.  I have watched other people who struggle with anxiety, depression, pain conditions, post-stroke, brain injury, and other neuro conditions find relief with them.   Breathbeads can help you to cultivate the best breathing technique for meditation and yoga practices as wellShop Breathbeads malas here.
Tip: Carry your crystals or Breathbeads around with you or keep in your pocket, this will make it more effective.
I hope you found this post helpful! There are so many different ways you can use crystals, meditation and breathing exercises to manage your anxiety levels. The most important thing is to try out different techniques until you find what works best for you.
Breathbeads in a breathwork meditation video:
Please reach out to me if you need help! I struggled for so long with anxiety from young traumas, my Ehlers Danlos, post-stroke, and TBI.  That is why I am here to be of service.
If you feel you would benefit more from a one-on-one or group breathwork/ meditation session, I offer a range of therapeutic services I absolutely love working with clients to help them find their best practices, and to find ways to cultivate them!
Please, remember you are not alone.  Keep reaching out my friends, and keep striving for your best feelings!
Love always,
Audrey, with InSpirit Meditation Tools

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