About Audrey

Hello and thank you for visiting my shop! My name is Audrey, and I am the creator of BreathBeads.


The reason I created breathbeads for myself was born out of the fact that I was already carrying and meditating with a set of mala beads that were gifted to me and I found that the beads helped me tremendously during very difficult times.

I began having a debilitating migraine with some physical paralysis and spasms when I was pregnant with my fourth child, and was later diagnosed with a progressive deteriorating disease (EDS). I eventually was in the habit of carrying an Amber mala that I had received as a gift, and took comfort in breathing with it when I was scared, sore, or in ‘pain’. As my symptoms increased and abilities declined, I had a stroke and hit my head on the way down, incurring a TBI. As I healed from these things as well as having and near death experience, life was very different for me. My emotions were all over the place as I realized I had been given a new reality. I relied heavily on having my mala in my hands. The tactile stimulation help me through the fear and anxiety, as well as giving me uncontrollable joy!

I started to feel better in time, but I still struggled physically and emotionally, and it was then that I began to research breath and mala, rosaries and prayer beads. I found cross cultural similarities in the healing benefits of a system that were all linked to a religious relationship, which is not accessible to everyone that would like to use a tool to assist their meditation. I decided at that point to create my own set of beads that would assist me during the meditation that I had been practicing. I call these beads, Breath Beads. My meditation guide will show you how to use Breath Beads through a breathwork guided flow.

I saw that a large part of the population was also trying to meditate and could benefit from a meditation tool that was not affiliated with a religion, but rather with self care, and would allow them to release stress and thoughts to sit in their body and just be still for a few minutes. I started to share my Breath Beads and teach others how to use them I saw that others were benefiting from the breathwork meditation using this tool.

I truly feel that this tool can help the world. Meditation can be a very healing practice and I hope that Breath Beads can help people to work through a meditation flow using breath work and the 7 Chakras. Each set of 4 beads represents a Chakra and will serve as 4 breath counts. The Breath Beads are meant to be held in your hand. They are very soothing to hold!