How to Use Your Breathbeads for a Neuroplasticity Practice

Hello friends!

This breathwork or neuroplasticity practice ‘tool’ can be done for as little as a minute, to hours per day. The human brain is pliable, and breathwork has many many physical, emotional, and mental benefits!

Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to form new neural connections throughout your life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons in the brain to compensate for injury and disease as well as adjusting to change in the brain. Breathwork meditation aids in neuroplasticity. 

To use your Mala, Bracelet or Necklace that is designated as Breathbeads as a 4 breath count tool, please read through the directions fully then give it a try:

Touch Bead 1 - breath in through the nose, and fill the belly

Touch Bead 2 - fill the chest with that same breath as you touch the small pause bead sit with breath and hold

Touch Bead 3 - (exhale through the nose) begin to allow the air in the chest to exhale

Touch Bead 4 - finish exhaling all of the air all the way down to the pit of the belly. Breathing like a wave, or the wind, really connect your breath, mind, and body for rewiring your own nervous system to give you more power over your body, mind response, and cultivate the response you 

A meditation practice sheet will be included with your purchase.

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