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Bigger and Better Chakra Crystal Bracelet with Sterling Silver Clasp

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Chakra bracelets have the power to assist the wearer in aligning and balancing their own Chakra system/energy body. Crystals and gems each carry different vibrations that have healing properties we can harness to assist us in our journey, and aligning them in order brings that extra emotional balance allowing us to “modify our vibe”!

Each piece in our collection is created to bring you the highest vibration possible, and we sincerely hope that this bracelet helps you find healing, peace, and joy!

Crystal Beads in this design:

Herkimer Quartz: A crystal with a high spiritual vibration affecting higher chakras and attunement. Used with other crystals, Herkimer quartz is a wonderful magnifier. Healers use them directly on the skin to alleviate pain. Herkimer diamonds are double terminated.

Red Aventurine: Assists in clearing negative energies to ground oneself. Enhances creativity and allows one to release guilt. Stone of passion and creativity.

Serpentine: Helps one with meditation, clears chakras, and corrects mental and emotional imbalances. Yellow Jade(1): the stone of wisdom, allowing the wearer to release emotions in a healthy way. Dispelling negativity, while attracting good fortune and joy, increasing clarity of thought. 

Yellow Calcite: Aids in clearing old energy patterns and self-doubt. Known as a stone for studying. Yellow Calcite increases memory and heightens mental efficiency. Calcite is also a supreme energy purifier, working on external and internal energy for the carrier.

Green Aventurine: Used for general well-being and comfort and considered a powerful protector of the heart, working as a shield.  A “good luck stone”. It has major attraction power, which makes this a stone of abundance attracting money to the user and it also fosters an appreciation of nature.

Blue Aventurine: Assists in transforming negative thinking into positive (especially selfish thoughts. “A healers stone”. Boosts psychic abilities and is able to be stimulating aiding in strength, while still calming an individual. Aids in discipline with addictions.

Charoite: stone of transformation. It aids in overcoming fears and helps one to find their mission in life. Excellent stone for healing and changing negative energy to healing.

Selenite: A stone that helps you access your intuition. It elevates the spirit and is a great space cleanser. Promotes peace, calm and clarity.

7” long (for a 6” wrist)

Genuine crystal Gemstones, Sterling silver clasp and hardware, and 49 strand wire.

Each bracelet is smudged with palo santo, sage, and reiki charged before shipping! 

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