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InSpirit Meditation Tools

My Spirit Connector Crystal Breath Beads Meditation Mala

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Do you have a hard time meditating? This tool is meant to help with that. Breath Beads are a tactile crystal beaded tool that is used in a breathwork meditation. A meditation practice sheet will be included with your purchase. The meditation practice is based on the 7 chakras. There are 7 sets of 4 crystal beads on each Breath Bead set, which represent the chakras. The breathwork meditation works through each set of 4 chakra crystal beads.

This piece is made of beautiful crystal beads and can be simply carried for comfort or worn as a necklace if you prefer if you purchase the necklace extender. My hope is that this mediation tool helps you find healing, peace, and comfort.


Crystal Beads in this design:

Red Jasper: Great for grounding the aura. Brings a greater understanding of the human-nature connection.

Carnelian: Known as the stone of motivation and for teaching courage. Carnelian is great for clarity of mind and boosting energy. Said to protect the wearer from poverty and negative energy.

Yellow Tigers Eye: Enhances self-esteem in the wearer while allowing the heart to open to unconditional love. Great for alignment of the lower chakras. All colors of tigers eye are used for good luck and good fortune as well.

Mexican Cave Calcite: Recharges and amplifies chakras.

Aquamarine: Inspires acceptance of self and others dispelling judgmental thoughts. Great cleanser of old energies, reducing stress and quieting the mind.

Solidite: Known as the stone of awakening, and also as the poet's stone. Enhances creativity and inspiration. Allows for personal growth and inspires an objective sense of self. Brings acceptance by enhancing self-esteem, and calms panic attacks.

Fluorite: Highly protective and stabilizing and is used for grounding by many. Fluorite is said to link the user's mind to the universal, connecting one to spirit. Assists in the shedding of old behavior patterns and wards off negativity.

Lava Rock: The stone of rebirth and one of the oldest stones on earth.

Herkimer Quartz: (this is the larger starter crystal as well as the small pause beads) A mineral with a high spiritual vibration affecting higher chakras and attainment. Used with other crystals, Herkimer quartz is a wonderful magnifier. Healers use them directly on the skin to alleviate pain. Herkimer diamonds are double terminated.

Root Chakra Crystal Beads are all 8mm in size and the total length of the bead set is 13.25”.

Sterling silver clasp and bead caps.

Each bracelet, necklace, and mala is smudged with palo santo, sage, and reiki charged. 

Click here to learn how to use Breathbeads in a breathwork practice.