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InSpirit Meditation Tools

Tanzanite, Charoite, and Fire Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

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Crystals and gems each carry different vibrations that have healing properties and have been used for centuries by many cultures, for many many benefits.
When we carry or wear them, the vibrations of the crystals assist us in our own journeys by allowing us to “modify our vibe”!

Each piece in our collection is created to bring you the highest vibration possible, and we sincerely hope that this bracelet helps you find healing, peace, and joy!

Crystal Beads in this design:

Tanzanite: Believed to bring a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition. Detoxifies the body to improve vitality.

Charoite: stone of transformation. It aids in overcoming fears and helps one to find their mission in life. Excellent stone for healing and changing negative energy to healing.

Fire Quartz: Enhances concentration and focus, while bringing clarity to emotions. Used as a blood cleanser, and able to transform negative energies into positive.

7” Long (For a 6 1/2” wrist)

Genuine crystal Gemstones, Sterling silver clasp and hardware, and 49 strand wire.

Each bracelet is smudged with palo santo, sage, and reiki charged before shipping!